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    Integrated Healthcare is one of India's leading suppliers of pharmaceutical products as well as an exporter. Being a sister company to Integrated Laboratories and Welcure Remedies, two of the most reputable pharmaceutical product manufacturers.
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    Integrated Healthcare, being one of India's leading exporters, plans to supply practically every pharmaceutical product, including Injectables, Tablets, Syrup, Oral Suspensions, Derma/ Ointments, Ophthalmic Range, Surgical Disposables, and many others.


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    Welcome to the Family of
    Integrated Healthcare

    Integrated Healthcare is indulged in manufacturing, trading and service providing a huge compilation of Pharmaceutical Products like Injection, Tablets, Capsules and Syrup.

    Qualified with Experience

    We are a seasoned pharmaceutical firm with a keen understanding of market research and how it has developed.

    International Trading

    Since its inception in 2017, Integrated Healthcare has grown to become a global exporter of pharmaceutical products.

    Quality Assured

    With the company's development, Integrated Healthcare has not only maintained quality with other pharmaceutical firms in India, but has also enhanced them.

    24 X 7 Assistance

    When it comes to customer service, Integrated Healthcare excels. Support that is easy to access and complete until the inquiry is resolved.

    Product Segment

    Our Dynamic Range

    We have been supplying and exporting some of the most important injectables, including both dry and liquid injectables, throughout India and internationally. We design and want to supply for all demands and requirements due to a very niche demand.


    Integrated Healthcare offers every type of tablet within the country as well as internationally, having acquired both the demands for coated and uncoated tablets.


    Syrups are available from Integrated Healthcare in both dry and liquid versions. We offer a wide range of syrups in our bags and can supply anywhere in the country.


    Oral Suspensions Integrated Healthcare is a supplier of ophthalmic drops and sprays for the Eye, Ear, and Nasal.


    Apart from capsules, we also supply soft gelatine capsules across the country, and to keep demand under control, we ensure that we have a sufficient supply of all varieties of capsules.


    Sachets We also have a large variety of powder sachets that are supplied and exported in large quantities to meet the demands and needs of various countries.


    Integrated Healthcare also provides a large range of health supplements, which is one of the most important necessities for all individuals in all countries, as it offers a variety of Energy Drinks, Protein Powders, Multivitamins, and other products.


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